With Ed Prescott at the Norwegian School of Economics, August 1993

Ed and I at the traditional White House reception, before heading to Stockholm (I believe Ed just stuck an ash tray in his pocket)

Being congratulated by Tonya on my lecture in Stockholm Dec. 8, 2004. Jessie and Carlos appreciative as well.

With the King of Sweden, December 10, 2004.

Half a minute later.

My children, Marty, Camilla, Kari and Eirik, all dressed up, in Stockholm.

From Tonya's and my wedding on our terrace in Kitsilano, Vancouver, July 2, 2005.

Also from the wedding.

Speech on the occasion of being honored with Doctor honoris causa at Universidad Torcuato DiTella, November 2004.

Celebrating with Juan Pablo Nicolini and Andy Neumeyer at that same event.

At Henry and Dilling Yang's residence May 7, 2005, on the occasion of Ellen McGrattan and Lee Ohanian being inducted into the Lab-Coat Society.

From Peter Badge's collection of photographs of Nobel Laureates, taken in Vancouver 2006.

With Tom, Chris, and Bob at the Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference at CMU, Nov. 15, 2014